Creamy Coconut & Blueberry Frogurt

This is such an easy and simple recipe- it is so fast and easy to prepare! I picked coconut and blueberry as blueberries are in the shops currently, and some added cooked coconut enhances the flavour of the coconut yoghurt. There are many variations of this mix of ingredients, as it is such a common favour combo & popular breakfast food. I decided to go for frogurt, as it’s so easy and requires next to zero culinary effort!

Because of my allergy, I can’t eat Greek yoghurt (or any form of dairy based yoghurt)  so I use an amazing coconut ‘yoghurt’ (which I buy from the shops) that is basically tasty coconut milk, thickened up to taste like yoghurt. I also don’t add any sugars to make sure this is something that can be eaten in conjunction with a healthy diet. If you prefer of course you can always use whatever you want- I imagine Greek yoghurt would work just as well.

For this recipe you will need:


Around 100g of fresh blueberries

1 small serving (a small handful roughly) of your favourite muesli- sugar free

1 heaped dessert spoon of desiccated coconut

1 tub of coconut Yoghurt (125g)


The first step is to toast the coconut and the muesli, to give it a roasted quality and to enhance the flavour of the coconut. I find I prefer the flavour of toasted coconut over raw.


For the muesli, I use one that contains plenty of sultanas- this is optional but really adds to the sweetness. When cooked, the colour of the mixture should be a light caramel brown. Set aside in a bowl, so when cooked it won’t sit in a hot pan and eventually become burnt.

Once the muesli and coconut have cooled, stir in the coconut yoghurt, and carefully mix the blueberries through.



Pour the mixture into a tub and place into the freezer. I personally have a small ice cream machine myself, but I prefer to use my freezer, as the muesli and blueberries make it way too thick & chunky for my temperamental machine!

While the the frogurt is in the freezer, take it out at regular intervals (something like half hourly is good, depending on your freezer of course) and stir it carefully. This prevents the ice crystals from forming and getting a horrible sort of ‘gritty’ texture. My mixture took around 1 ½ hours to freeze- and once at a soft serve type of consistency, take out the mixture and serve. Top with some whole blueberries, toasted coconut, or alternatively blend the blueberries to top with a blueberry puree! I would have done this… but I ate all of mine before the frogurt was ready to serve! This makes 1 (I’d say pretty generous!) serving.


Shrove Tuesday Protein Pancakes

Protein pancakes have been a ‘thing’ in the healthy eating/ fitness nutrition world for a while now, and as a result there are many variations out there on how to make them. This is my own personal favourite method. I first heard about protein pancakes on, and after trying those recipes, I adapted their basic “Two ingredient pancakes” (just eggs and banana) to my own taste and came up with this! Perfect timing for Shrove Tuesday!

These protein pancakes are a much lighter version of regular pancakes, and they are way healthier! This is one of my favourite breakfasts for when I get home from the gym. Full of protein, filling, but guilt free.

For the ingredients, you will need:


3 med- smaller sized very ripe bananas (they must be ripe, as they provide the sweetness & flavour)

2 medium eggs

One ½ scoop protein powder of choice (Vanilla/Chocolate flavour)*

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1.5 dessert spoon cocoa powder (You could add more if you like it really chocolaty)

Topping/(s) of choice (I used dairy free coconut yoghurt)

Oil for cooking

*Because I use a vanilla soy protein powder, my powder turns the mixture very thick and heavy. If you use a lighter type of protein then you can use more/as much as you wish.

I will say about this recipe, the bananas must be really ripe. If they aren’t, the flavour and sweetness won’t come through as much and the pancakes will be very bland. The first step is to mash up the bananas to form a smooth cake- batter like consistency. I started by simply mashing mine up with a fork, but ended up using a hand blender- the fork would have done the job-but felt like too much work for a Sunday night!


Next is mixing in the eggs. I found the best method is to whisk them in, as this creates super light and fluffy pancakes! Adding in the protein powder, cocoa, and the teaspoon of vanilla extract is the last stage of the mixture. Make sure the protein powder is mixed in well- lumps of protein powder are very unappealing in your pancake! If you’re someone that prefers things sweeter, you’re just getting into healthier food, or you are using bananas that aren’t very ripe, then you can always add some sweetener at this stage. I actually like to top my finished pancakes with honey when my bananas aren’t ripe enough. Finally, give the batter a good mix and heat up the frying pan.


Yes, that picture really is how messy I am in the kitchen! The first time I ever tried this recipe I simply used my normal non- stick pan, with no oils. This made moving the pancakes around really difficult- it’s much easier to flip the pancakes if you use a very small amount of oil (walnut or coconut taste good). Cook the pancakes through thoroughly on each side, stack them, and then top with whatever you feel like!

I would highly recommend eating these pancakes with some sort of topping, as they can be a bit basic on their own. My favourite is with Dairy Free Vanilla Coconut Yogurt (You could use Greek yoghurt too), as this melts right into the hot pancakes. It also tastes amazingly like ice cream when it melts! Other toppings that taste great are fruit, toasted nuts, honey, peanut butter etc. Just anything you fancy that’s healthy and tasty.


Eat the pancakes straight away while still hot and enjoy!