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Blog Updates & Stuff

Hello everyone! Just a quick announcement/update post this week, back to usual as soon as possible though! I’m working on some new stuff for the blog (as I previously briefly talked about when I went on my study break) which involves me organising a new blogging schedule for myself, updating my software etc. – as well as getting to grips with new processes for my posts as I implement a few new ideas. I’m going to be learning how to work with new software, and swapping about my blogging schedule, so please bear with me while I plan and get used to the changes!

As always, thanks for reading my blog and supporting me, I really appreciate it!

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UPDATE: (Oct 2015) : Hi everyone, me again! Sorry for the delay in updating the blog, but it has been a very unexpectedly hectic past couple of weeks. The blog should be back to normal, fully updated, and with plenty of new posts from the end of October.  Normally it would have been a lot quicker than this, but in the past couple of weeks I have

*Managed to smash my blogging camera (and after attempting to use back up cameras- which were terrible- I will now have to wait until my first month of work is over to be able to afford a new replacement) 

*Graduated College

*Been in America for just under 2 weeks

*Been contracted for Accounting work

*Managed to bag a new dream job, which has been a lot of work trying to get in itself!

*Computer has refused to co-operate with new software

So yes it has been a bit bumpier than I imagined. Thanks for sticking with me through the updates- I will be back soon! Hopefully with a new camera too :)

A Wee Blogging Break- It’s Exam Time

So instead of my usual weekly recipe, you might have noticed this post is a little different. The main difference is that there ain’t no recipe! I’ll cut to the chase and get it over with quick- I’m taking a short (well until mid- May/June) break from my blog, to concentrate on my exams. Outside the blogging world, I am currently in my last year of studying Accountancy- and coming up for my final (huge) graded exam, as well as the hand in date for my graded project. This is as well as the task of completing my usual heavy college work schedule.

I love writing this blog, and I love the entire process of putting in all the work that goes into it. I have a lot of new ideas, and recipes for The Lingonberry, and I can’t wait to share & post them! However it does take time to create these posts, and I am going to need said blogging time to put all my effort into studying for my Finals, and presenting the best graded project I can.  I love watching my blog slowly grow, and I think this wee announcement would be a good opportunity to thank you all who read this, thank you to everyone for the support, the nice comments, and I’ll see you all in approximately 8 weeks… when all my exams will finally be over, and I will (er…all things going well) be qualified!

Ps. I’ll be on social media (links on the sidebar there), which I will be keeping updated!

See you soon!

The Lingonberry