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Baked Sweet Potato Chips

This is hardly a new idea, and is very simple, but this is how I do my take on healthy sweet potato chips. These are baked and not fried. This is a great way of getting in your veg for the day, without dreading the idea of eating some soggy bland mush. I find getting my fruit and veg for the day one of the hardest parts of healthy eating- getting in my protein is no problem- but veg is a work in progress!

So for this recipe the quantities used are for one person- it’s very easy to increase if more people will be eating, or if, like me, you’re quite greedy! This is for a portion as a side dish, or a larger snack size. You will need:


-1 x Large Sweet Potato/or 2 smaller ones

-Sea Salt

-Coarse ground black pepper

-Oil of choice (I like extra virgin olive for this)

-Smoked Paprika

So first of all you simply cook the sweet potato in the oven- whole, unpeeled, as they are. I do mine at 180°c for approximately 40-45 minutes. Cooking times will vary, but this is a good guideline to start from. You can test to see if the potato is cooked by checking it’s soft with a skewer or fork.

Once cooked, leave to cool. Peeling the potato is next, and the skin should peel off with ease, as the cooking process loosens the skin from the flesh of the vegetable. Prepare your baking tray after this- I brush on an extremely light layer of olive oil onto my non-stick baking tray, as sweet potato seems to love sticking to the pan like super glue otherwise. You could also use baking paper- or one of those silicone baking sheets I should really buy for myself!

Slicing the sweet potato into chip-like shapes is the next part. Because it’s already cooked, this part is very easy and doesn’t require much effort. The only difficult part is trying to get the chips of equal shape and size. I will say that mine have been wildly different sizes and they’ve still tasted good, but consistency is best for cooking reasons.


Once sliced, space them out evenly on your baking tray. Brush on a thin coat of oil onto the chips to allow them to become crunchy when cooking. Cover the sweet potato with your sea salt, and add a sprinkling of smoked paprika for the earthy flavour.  Top with some coarse black pepper for some heat.


Put back into the oven (at the same temperature as before) and leave to cook & crisp for roughly ten minutes. It’s best to check the chips every 5 minutes, as again, sometimes the cooking time can vary- and the chips tend to burn fast if left too long!

Cover with your favourite sauce (I prefer BBQ) and enjoy!