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Fruit & Nut Banana Protein Ice Cream

Using solely banana for the ice cream isn’t my own original idea- it’s been a well-known recipe in the fitness community for a while now. However, this is my own favourite way of eating this banana ‘ice cream’. This is a perfect, tasty, and filling recipe for getting in not only some of your fruit intake, but also an alternative method for getting in your protein.

Some people like to chop up the banana, freeze, then blend it to instantly make the ice cream. This however requires that you have a strong blender- one that handles ice with ease- and I wanted to make sure that this recipe is available to everyone to make. You can make it that way, but I prefer to freeze it the ‘traditional’ way. For this recipe you’ll need:


-3 large ripe bananas

-1 scoop protein powder ( I used a 60ml scoop-vanilla or chocolate tastes best)

-1 tsp vanilla extract

-1 small serving Hazelnuts

-1 small serving Cashews

-1 small serving Raisins (for some extra sweetness)

-3 or 4 squares 85% dark chocolate

-A clean, dry plastic tub for freezing the ice cream

Optional- Coconut Milk (or any other form of milk) to loosen the mixture after the protein powder is added.

Cocoa Powder, to add to the mixture to make a chocolate ice cream.

Note: The bananas/ ice cream mixture will provide roughly 2 servings of the ice cream.


The first step is to blend up your banana to form a purée. I then transferred this to a bowl, added in the vanilla extract, and a scoop of my protein powder. Then mix it all together well. For this recipe vanilla protein powder tastes best (I think!) but chocolate protein would work too. As I use soy protein powder, my mixture thickens considerably, so if you find yours does the same, then at this point you can add a dash of milk to loosen it up. My personal favourite for this is coconut milk, but any will do the job.

If you would like to make chocolate ice cream, you can add in cocoa powder at this stage- I would personally use about 1 ½ heaped dessert spoons, but with this recipe it is all your own personal preference. Once thoroughly mixed, (I like to blend it a second time to eliminate any chance of ‘protein lumps’) transfer into your clean tub, and freeze.


You could alternatively transfer the mixture into an ice cream maker at this point, if you have one. If using the freezer, ensure you give the mixture a good stir (roughly every 45 mins) to break up the ice crystals, making for a smoother finish.  Once it is at your desired consistency, you can start to prepare the toppings, ready to serve.

Put  your pan on the heat, chuck in the nuts and cook until they are slightly browned. Ensure you are stirring the nuts to avoid scorching them, as they can burn pretty easily. When done, roughly chop them- cooking first makes them much softer.


Melting the chocolate is the last step before serving. I used 4 pieces, which I melted in the microwave. It took just over a minute to melt, while frequently stopping to stir. When the chocolate is melted, make sure you grab a tea towel or similar to carefully remove the chocolate, as the bowl will be hot. I learnt this the hard way. You can use the Bain Marie method if you prefer a less stressful experience!

Finally remove your ice cream from the freezer, top with the nuts, raisins, melted dark chocolate, and serve! To obtain the harder consistency shown in my photos, I left my ice cream to freeze overnight (after stirring it through twice).






Creamy Coconut & Blueberry Frogurt

This is such an easy and simple recipe- it is so fast and easy to prepare! I picked coconut and blueberry as blueberries are in the shops currently, and some added cooked coconut enhances the flavour of the coconut yoghurt. There are many variations of this mix of ingredients, as it is such a common favour combo & popular breakfast food. I decided to go for frogurt, as it’s so easy and requires next to zero culinary effort!

Because of my allergy, I can’t eat Greek yoghurt (or any form of dairy based yoghurt)  so I use an amazing coconut ‘yoghurt’ (which I buy from the shops) that is basically tasty coconut milk, thickened up to taste like yoghurt. I also don’t add any sugars to make sure this is something that can be eaten in conjunction with a healthy diet. If you prefer of course you can always use whatever you want- I imagine Greek yoghurt would work just as well.

For this recipe you will need:


Around 100g of fresh blueberries

1 small serving (a small handful roughly) of your favourite muesli- sugar free

1 heaped dessert spoon of desiccated coconut

1 tub of coconut Yoghurt (125g)


The first step is to toast the coconut and the muesli, to give it a roasted quality and to enhance the flavour of the coconut. I find I prefer the flavour of toasted coconut over raw.


For the muesli, I use one that contains plenty of sultanas- this is optional but really adds to the sweetness. When cooked, the colour of the mixture should be a light caramel brown. Set aside in a bowl, so when cooked it won’t sit in a hot pan and eventually become burnt.

Once the muesli and coconut have cooled, stir in the coconut yoghurt, and carefully mix the blueberries through.



Pour the mixture into a tub and place into the freezer. I personally have a small ice cream machine myself, but I prefer to use my freezer, as the muesli and blueberries make it way too thick & chunky for my temperamental machine!

While the the frogurt is in the freezer, take it out at regular intervals (something like half hourly is good, depending on your freezer of course) and stir it carefully. This prevents the ice crystals from forming and getting a horrible sort of ‘gritty’ texture. My mixture took around 1 ½ hours to freeze- and once at a soft serve type of consistency, take out the mixture and serve. Top with some whole blueberries, toasted coconut, or alternatively blend the blueberries to top with a blueberry puree! I would have done this… but I ate all of mine before the frogurt was ready to serve! This makes 1 (I’d say pretty generous!) serving.