Rich & Dark Fruit Rice Cakes

Rice cakes and chocolate isn’t a new idea but it’s tasty, won’t break the diet, and SO simple. I’ve been recently addicted to buying the standard dark choc covered rice cakes from the shops, but thought it would be nice to make my own homemade ones, and at the same time get a dose of my daily fruit intake!

The ingredients for this are so simple, all you need are:



-Rice Cakes

-50g of 85% Dark Chocolate (or darker if you prefer)

-Fruits of choice (blueberries and raspberries are my favourite fruits)

This makes enough for 4 rice cakes, which is surprisingly a substantial amount as I find very dark chocolate filling. The rice cakes I use are actually slightly salted ones, and I would recommend these as the salt brings out the flavour of the chocolate and fruits. If you are cutting down the salt in your diet, then of course it will work just as well with plain ones.

The first step is to melt the chocolate- you can use the bain-marie method, but I just opted for the microwave method using a sturdy glass bowl. Dark chocolate takes a lot longer to melt than your regular milk or white chocolate, so I had mine going for 3 minutes total, stirring at regular intervals.



Once melted, the chocolate should be spread over the rice cake in a thick a layer as you like. While the chocolate is still wet, place your chosen fruits onto it and leave to set.



I prefer to do each rice cake individually, as this way the fruits really get stuck into the chocolate well, so they aren’t rolling off your rice cake as you try to eat it.

That’s all there is to it!



4 thoughts on “Rich & Dark Fruit Rice Cakes”

    1. I agree! I love violets, quite a lot of people aren’t keen on them. I’ll have to try that one out too, it sounds great!

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